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In 2020, what will you do?

In 2020, what will you do?

Will you take the same resolutions that will be dropped off by mid-January?

Have you ever wondered why?

Well, because they do not match with who you really want to be, with what makes you vibrate here and now, at your age, in your current situation.

We are all different and we change constantly, it is valid for the desires, needs, and resolutions too.

Fully immerse in the heart of yourself, discover all the lessons of 2019, understand how you operate, identify your deep desires and according to these discoveries, define the actions to be undertaken today, statements in support, to become who you really want to be.

Thursday 12/12 magic number, to prepare 2020, another magic number, from 9 to 12 h

So Bird & Co, Anna Paulawnastraat 91, Den Haag

Participation: 25 euros which will be donated to the association Warchild. Because it feels good to do good.

Information and registration via

Dare to invest in yourself.

I'm waiting for you,


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